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The Luttrell Psalter is one of the most famous manuscripts from medieval England because of the images that decorate the margins of its pages. What makes the Luttrell Psalter unique is that it is richly illustrated with depictions of everyday life in rural England in the first half of the 14th century. Acquired by. The Luttrell Psalter was written and illustrated circa – by anonymous scribes and artists. It was commissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell.

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Music in the Middle Ages was not only used in clerical environments but was also, to some extent, employed to represent the devil and corruption. You can listen to the audio files on these pages with Windows Media Player.

Geoffrey Luttrell inherited the lands of his luttrelll who worked at the court of King John and received properties for their services.

The Luttrell Psalter – Introduction

People and hybrid creatures are represented singing poems, hymns and psalms as an expression of devotion. British Library additional manuscripts.

The Luttrell Psalter was created in England sometime between andhaving been commissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrelllord of the manor of Irnham in Lincolnshire. He also drew the depictions of the Luttrell family. Geoffrey Luttrell was lord of Irnhamin Lincolnshire and his lands extended across England. Binding design using motifs from the Psalter and the Luttrell coat of arms of six martlets argent.

This technique required a pen on which the nib is cut at an especially oblique angle, a “strange pen”. The volume was acquired by the Library in The binding by Smith Settle of Otley is in Nigerian goatskin leather blocked with a design by David Eccles using gold, silver and colored foils. The Luttrell Psalter was written and illustrated circa – by anonymous scribes and artists. Orality and Musical Symbolism in the Luttrell Psalter”. The Luttrell Psalter was composed by one scribe and at least five different artists [9]all of them with slightly different styles.


The second Luttrell artist, “the Colourist”, often drew images that were more sculptural and modelled by light and shade. It contains vellum leaves of the highest quality with flyleaves of paper. The image also shows the Luttrell’s family heraldry. Turning the pages we see a woman who feeds chickens, men cooking and eating.

Sir Geoffrey is portrayed dressed in full armor and mounted on his warhorse. Luttrell wanted the drawings psalger reflect the current devotional, cultural, political, economic and dynastic aspirations that he and his family had. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The fourth Luttrell artist, “the Luttrell Master”, was skilled in luttrekl themes and outlandish grotesques. External links [ edit ] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Luttrell Psalter c. Luttrell PsalterTime12 August The Luttrell Psalter represents a masterpiece of English illumination, and the decoration of the codex is remarkable for the exquisitely detailed miniatures of everyday life.

However, the Psalter was commissioned by and created for Sir Geoffrey.

10 Things You Need to Know about the Luttrell Psalter

MS British Library. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Luttrell Psalter c. Its style has many highlights and shadowing on the human figures, and its modelling of the human figure is more pronounced, muscular, and more life-like. The scenes show an unparalleled sense of humor representing vivid scenes of beasts and humans engaged in a variety of activities.

The first Luttrell artist is referred to as “the decorator”. Contact us for a quote You can also Sign up for a Free Account to access some prices online and save a list of your Favorites. The Luttrell Psalter is exceptional littrell the inventiveness and number of its humorous and charming decorations.


Harrowing – Luttrell Psalter

Dining room scene from the Luttrell Psalter. Views View Edit History. It was commissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell dieda wealthy English landowner. The pages vary in their degree of illumination, but many are richly covered with both decorated text and marginal pictures of saints and Bible stories, and scenes of rural life.

The Luttrell Psalter was a good illustration of everyday life in the Middle Ages. Grotesque Luttrell Psalter f. It is sewn together and has a modern binding post [16] of dark brown Morocco leather. The image is believed to have served to emphasise his knightly status during a marriage union of a family luttrrll. This page was last edited on 26 Aprilat One master artist completed a large section including the lavish dedication miniature showing the Psalter’s patron, Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, fully armed and mounted on a splendid lyttrell.

Handmade endpapers from the Fabriano mill.

The third Luttrell artist, “the Illustrator”, favoured a two-dimensional style. The text was written throughout by one scribe and illuminated by at least five different artists. Psalm 26 27 ; Thomas Becket – Luttrell Psalter c.

The Luttrell Psalter is one of the most famous manuscripts from medieval England because of the images that decorate the margins of its pages.

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And even though the text is in Latin, the image itself can be a visual representation of a play on words in either French or English. The British Library, With over extensively illuminated pages, the Luttrell Psalter depicts the medieval life with lively images. He owned estates in YorkshireLincolnshire, Nottingamshireand Leicestershire.