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MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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Plate II – Planes of Nature. If through us the divine light shines out more brightly, it is only in order that we may share that light with him; if we have gained a higher step upon the leadbeatsr, it is only that we may stretch out a helping hand to him.

Andrea Lerette rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Yet this higher matter also is not simple but complex; and we find that it also exists in a series of states of its own, corresponding very fairly to the states of physical matter which we call solid, liquid, gaseous, or etheric. When these are all broken up we get back to a set of Units which are all identical, except that some of them are positive and some negative.

For this attainment is for every man, and to reach it is only a question of time, however young a soul may be. A huge cone of bright orange rising in the midst of it indicates the presence of much pride and ambition in connection with that knowledge, but still the shade of the yellow precludes the idea that the intellect is debased to merely selfish ends. An attempt is made in our illustrations to represent the general appearance of this stream, but this must not of course be supposed to be an accurate map of the nervous system.

As He shows Himself to us in His work the Solar Logos is undoubtedly triple – three and yet one, a religion has long ago told us.

These bars are of a deep brown color, almost burnt sienna, level and clearly marked as to their upper edge, but shading off into a sort of cloud below. This at least may be seen, that such a body is not only much larger than that visbile the ordinary man, but also has its colors differently arranged.

An attempt is made to indicate this in visibke illustrations of the various vehicles appropriate to these planes, as will be seen leadbeatfr. There we have the image of the highly spiritual man, whose consciousness has already evolved even beyond the causal invisibl, so that he is able to function freely upon the Buddhic plane, and has also a consciousness at least when out of the body upon a plane still higher than that, as is hinted by the white point. Very gradually he learns that there is a higher evolution and that the strong shell of selfishness which was necessary for the formation of a powerful centre becomes a hindrance to the growth of that centre after it has once been formed, and so must be broken up and thrown aside, just as scaffolding must be removed when the building is finished, though it was necessary during its erection.


Man Visible And Invisible

IT is from this Third Aspect that the first movement towards the formation of the system comes. Signification of the Colors.

No fragment of the work which has been done through all these ages is lost, and nothing has been useless. In leacbeater cases which I have seen, it has passed the bounds of physical visibility, and been seen by many who had no power of higher sight than that of this plane.

The doctrinal reason alleged for it was the supposed corruption of the truth, by the introduction into the Creed of the word filioque at the Council of Toledo in the year Thus it is separated from the group-soul of which hitherto it has formed a part, and falls back again into the sea no more.

Open Preview See a Problem? When a person unhappily gives way to a fit of passionate anger, the terrible thought-forms of hate may generally be seen floating in his aura like coils of heavy, poisonous smoke. ledbeater

Certain coils or vortices of vivid color are to be seen, leabdeater and solid-looking, and glowing with an intense light from within. Of the states of consciousness above this we naturally know nothing, except that they exist.

Man visible and invisible,, by C. W. Leadbeater | The Online Books Page

Naturally, exactly the same course is followed in the case of any other emotion, whether it be good or bad; and thus we see the clear manifestation in matter of the moral law, that every time we yield to a passion of any kind, we make it a little more difficult for ourselves to resist its next attack; while every successful effort at its leadbeatdr makes the next victory a little easier.


Leadbeater went on to write over 69 books and pamphlets that examined in detail the hidden side of life as well as maintain regular speaking engagements. He has at least passed through a phase when for a longer or shorter period self was dethroned, and another entity occupied the first lnvisible in his world; and thus he learns, for the first time, one of the most valuable lessons in the whole course of his evolution.

For its knowledge as to the future which awaits humanity, it depends, first, upon logical deduction from the character of the progress already made; second, on direct information supplied by men who have already reached those conditions which for most of us still constitute a more or less remote future; and third, on the comparison which anyone who has the privilege of seeing them may make between highly evolved men at various levels.

But if the love be of that kind that thinks never of itself at all, nor of what it receives, but only of how much it can give, and how entirely it can pour itself forth as a willing sacrifice for the sake of the loved one, then it will express itself in the most lovely rose-color; and when this rose-color is exceptionally brilliant and tinged with lilac, it proclaims the more spiritual love for humanity.

The observer can hardly fail to be struck by the contrast between the body illustrated in Plate XX and that which we have just described. Plate XIII is perhaps the most striking in appearance of the whole series, and even without any explanation it would of itself be an eloquent warning against the folly of yielding to a fit of passion. This is on the whole a very fine mental body, already well developed, and having within it every promise of rapid progress along the Path, when the time for that shall come.

For example, men have within them a certain amount of irritability, which expresses itself in the astral body as a scarlet cloud. Presently a great finger is extended from the cloud – an inverted cone of violently whirling vapor.

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