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Fahrtausfälle. Auf den Linien S1 und S11 kommt es zu Fahrtausfällen. Fahrplaninformationen in den DB-Auskunftsmedien zu Silvester und Neujahr. Detail. S1 S11 Bad Herrenalb ab S1 S11 Ettlingen Stadt an Seit dem 9. Dezember gibt es die neue KVV-Tageskarte “Regio Spezial”. Dieses neue Ticket wurde in Abstimmung zwischen dem Land, dem Verkehrsverbund.

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Things are actually going OK.

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But that said, I am running consistently and attempting the kvvv runs at the weekend. I picked a reasonably flat route which is tricky given I work in Fahgplan Amazingstoke. As I started running my legs suddenly felt pretty good so I went with it.

And consequently ran my fastest 5k in almost two years. I stopped my watch exactly at 3. And happily, a royal flush negative split. Pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.


AVG – Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft – Verkehrsmeldungen

Fahrplna this has encouraged me to do one speed session a week. So mentally I can deal with it. When I finish one I move on to another.

I usually read before I go to sleep to kv me out and with my breakfast in the morning nerd so I can get through them fairly quickly. I signed up to BookBub.

I love Jodi Picoult. She has such a great way of writing.

This book was quite short but sad. I was literally crying into my porridge one morning reading it. But a good story.

Basically, a good BCAA drink! I use it during my fasted gym visits.

And it depends how I feel! Post navigation Thursday, hurrah!

What book have you read recently? What signs tell you when to take some rest from working out?