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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Ju faleminderit dhe suksese! The normative method has been used in the explication of the paper by using secondary sources. Balkan wars are turning since the dimidiation of Albanian geography.

Certain parts of the Albanian dimidiated geography have been completely assimilated, or are at the end of this process, as has happened with Upper Reka. A factor that further stimulated this process is the economic development. Data show that the depletion of the region of Reka was filpestar by the human factor whereupon material goods and resources were despoiled. The invaders and robbers despoiled and devastated this region.

The Albanian Golgotha reached its peak with the devastation of the economy of Albanian regions, as is the case with Upper Reka.

This defactorization created the path for the assimilation of this region as well its cultural, social and political degeneration. This paper deals also with the possibilities for the economic development fala the future. Drama vo sestdeistvija, iz albanskija zivot. Siljanov, Plovdiv, 6. Islam is one of the three great world religions which has been present in the Albanian inhabited areas for centuries since the 14th centuryby brewing thus a great portion of the Albanian identity, being a constitutive element of the Albanian culture, from food through clothes, ethics, language to communication and economy.

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The Albanians from the region of Reka as the whole Albanian National body feature a religious diversity of Albanians; one part of theirs have kept their religious Christian-Orthodox identity, whereas the other portion were converted into Muslims. The odyssey of socio-political developments has made the former to change their national identity, i.

On the other hand, Muslim Albanians keep living with all of their Albanian nnamazit peculiarities, fullestar some Turkish elements within the Albanian space, who are rather accidental or unnoticeable, or dual, bilingual identity.

This tiny minority lives with its shadow identity, becoming an Albanian nostalgic agenda, a futurology of returning to the herd, which seen from the sociological viewpoint is very unlikely to happen. This paper aims at confirming that Islam has been a very relevant factor of maintaining the national identity of Macedonian Albanians and those of Reka, in particular, by drawing a line between Slavic challengers and Albanian Muslims and advancing the process of living with a different spiritual religious and linguistic culture.

This was achieved by applying the analytical, historic and comparative research methods. This follestar includes Rekan recipients who live in different parts in Macedonia, such as Debar, Gostivar, Tetovo, Skopje, etc.

Albanian Reka, religious culture, Islam, identity, prevailing nation, national conversion. Sipas dijetarit gjerman Meyer Termi latinisht natio nga nasci: E pyete doktori maqedonisht: Lajm, 3 korrik Bibliografia – Anderson, D.

Rhetorical Selves in Conversion. University of South Carolina. Translated from the German by Robert Elsie. Veli Ademi, 5 korrik Jonuz Abdullai, 3 korrik Gazeta Tema, 17 qershor American International Journal of Contemporary Research. There are many evidences and documents in Bulgaria that talk about the political, economic and social situation of Albanians in eastern areas. The paper will focus on the presentation and analysis of some of these archive documents, which contain important data about the situation in this Albanian region in the first decades of the 20th century.


The information on Albanians for ee period has been gathered from different resources: Leaders of Bulgarian revolutionary organizations had also considered the expansion of the Albanian Liberation Movement and kept in touch with Albanian leaders during the first two decades of the 20th century.

The VMRO documents and memories of its leaders are a precious fil,estar of information about the history w the Albanian National Liberation Movement, in which Rekan Albanians had given also given their contribution.

Many interesting facts have been presented by Bulgarian scientists who searched the eastern Albanian areas in this period. We should also mention the reports written by teachers, school inspectors, priests, etc. The ethnic composition and population figures, war casualties, assimilation methods of Serbian invaders, and other issues will be presented in this paper. Reka, Albanians, wars, assimilation, Bulgarian statistics. Kral nga vitistatistika e konsullit rus A. Rostkovskit nga viti Avec deux cartes ethnographiques”, Paris, Demographic and Social Characteristics, The Univ.

Avec deux cartes ethnographiques”, Paris,f. Edhe sot njihen emrat e familjeve Krosovski, Metanievi etj. Cartes etnographiques des vilayets Salonique, Monastir et Cossovo, T.

On the other hand, it has also developed some specific elements that can be hard to be found in other dialects around. This paper will deal with the vowel system of the Albanian dialect of Upper Reka. This dialect is very different from the other ones around in terms of both the inventory of vowel phonemes and the changes they undergo while used in certain phonetic positions. Erebara, counted Albanian pupils.

The increase of the number of participants in these classes was a product of teacher Anastas, since he knew how to convince the Albanians, especially those who had messed up religion and nation.

One of those was Anastas Albanski. At this time he would move to Bulgaria and settle in Blagoevgrad. After this battle and revenge against the Albanians, Anastas would again return to Kumanovo to open a school, but he could not manage this since the population was in a miserable situation on one hand, and on the other, he had also lost touch with J. Erebara, the Skopje club and the other patriots. Ifllestar ka mbi 1.

During his short yet very productive and fruitful life, he left behind a magnificent patriotic and illuminist deed. In his poems he emphasizes the need for awakening, illumination, civilization, organization and armed struggle of the Albanians against the occupiers.

In this respect, he points out the need for overcoming the religious separation among the Albanians. He makes some crucial philosophical questions: Why are in this world and what are we doing here?

What is awaiting us in the future?

ilirjana halabaku – Google+

The analysis of his ideas and attempts undoubtedly shows that he devoted his life to the realization of the centennial ideal of Albanians — the independence of the Albanian state. He dreamt of an Albanian state in which all Albanian inhabited areas in the Balkans would be united in one. Even though an Orthodox Albanian, he belongs to Macedonians too with his work; his overall contribution and he himself as a resident of Reka belong to United Europe after all.

Upper Reka, Josif Bageri, national awakening, independent Albanian state. History tells that a good part of this region fled their centennial households because of the difficult economic and political situation they were in.

With its rich diversity from the structural, morphologic and ornamental aspect, it recalls the cultural tradition of these areas, their taste in creating artistic values, their passion to maintain jealously their authentic values in centuries.

Therefore, it is about clothes with regional characteristics but with a national content and structure. We will attempt to verify the thesis in this paper that the clothing element in Upper Reka with two wrappers is analogue to the clothing elements of other Balkan nations. The well known ethnologist Andromaqi Gjergji, in a study of hers notes that it is difficult to track and even more difficult to explain the geographical expansion of the type of clothing with two cotton aprons above a shirt, one at the front and the other at the back.


In some regions, it was worn in a parallel way. In Albania, the clothes with a long shirt and two aprons is a very old way of clothing.

si ta falim namazin e Ikindis

It was mainly felt on the right side of the River Drin, beginning somewhere near Shkodra, in some villages of Postriba, in Has and the highlands of Gjakova, in Dukagjini plane and in Southern Albania. It is known from the literature that even the Albanians from Greece, in More and Corinth have kept this type of clothing. The clothing with a long shirt and two aprons appear in these variants: Reka, Rekan Albanians, ethnography, traditional clothing, aprons wrappers.

Historiku i elementit Fundi i shekullit XIX-mesi i shek. Ata ishin edhe personifikim i diellit. A taboo topic, especially that of the totalitarian half-century communist regime, which can be considered as the most perfidious culturocide against the Albanian population of Reka: Upper Reka was one of the most violated and oppressed regions of our national stem, seventeen villages, mainly Orthodox and Muslim Albanians, with their centennial national tradition and their beautiful Albanian language.

Unfortunately, these Albanians are becoming extinct, due to the oppression by the Slavic Macedonian forces, and the lack of support by the other Albanians, who did not undertake even the smallest step towards helping their compatriots, even though they have had the chance of doing at certain times. If Macedonian Albanians have been fillestqr limited when it comes to their rights to education and others, this cannot be said for those living in Albania and Kosovo, or the Diaspora, and yet they never raised their voice against all of these sufferings and oppression.

This caused a stoppage in the normal development of the Albanians from Reka. This nqmazit oblivion seems to be coming to an end, since certain personalities of this region, such as B.

Sinadinoski, and many others, who never got rid of their national s, have today raised their voice against the great historic invasion and transgression against this community. As it seems, they have kept the pride of their national belonging somewhere deep in their souls and have patiently waited till the day when they could freely release their enslaved songs, Migjeni would say. Albanians, Reka, Rekan spirit, hidden identity. Since the division of the church to the east and west, this area of Albanian lands, as the whole Albanian geography of the pef, had remained under the oppression of a continuous war of the dominance of one or the other section of the same church.

Byzantium had expanded its power over these lands thanks to the religious determination of its inhabitants. Thus Upper Reka, both before and after the World War 2, was found under the heavy pressure fil,estar choosing between the existence based on national affiliation or religious affiliation, and unfortunately, none of them saved it from assimilation.

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Before assimilation happened, the destruction of this national geography occurred. Its inhabitants, since the time of Josif Bageri, were displaced from the region of Upper Reka across all the continents in the globe. Branisllav Sinadinovski, po aty,