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The FAA MedXPress system allows anyone requesting an FAA Medical Clearance or Medical Certificate to electronically complete an application. Information. The information on the attached FAA Form , Application For Airman Medical Certificate or Airman Medical and. Student Pilot Certificate, is solicited under. Please note that the FAA’s official forms page can be found by clicking this hyperlink: REPORT OF EYE EVALUATION ver ยท FAA Form GG Edition.

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Accounts are locked after a set number of incorrect attempts.

Passwords my not be reused for 13 iterations. Some forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Implement the policies, practices, and procedures. Appointing a cross-functional privacy management team to ensure input from systems fogm, technology, security, legal, and other disciplines necessary to ensure that an effective privacy management program is developed.

FAA Airman Medical Application (form ) | Pilot Medical Solutions –

HEARING Demonstrate hearing of an average conversational voice in a quiet room, using both ears at 6 feet, with the back turned to the examiner OR pass one of the audiometric tests below or: Due to recent arrests and career forn, many pilots and controllers have come forward to gain amnesty for previously unreported conditions. Ability to perceive those colors necessary for safe performance of airmen duties.


FAA controls access privileges according to the following roles:. Minimum length of passwords is eight characters. It also entails working with vendors to ensure that they maintain the highest standard for privacy while providing services to the FAA project.

Policy Document

Forgotten passwords are reset by random generator. System generated passwords expire upon initial use. Current Notices To Airmen.

This is a precarious process for which pilots, controllers, employers and unions seek guidance. User sessions expire after a set period of time. Applications for medical certification that are collected by FAA Ffaa are deleted after 60 days under the following circumstances: It is the responsibility of the AME to ensure that all data submitted by the applicant are complete and correct.

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Fas otherwise directed by the FAA, the Examiner must deny or defer if the applicant has a history of: Passwords may only be reused after 13 iterations. Contact Pilot Medical Solutions at to discuss current requirements and obtain case management assistance to assure qualification for FAA medical standards. When there is a need to correct frm provided or omitted during a previous FAA medical applications it is essential that the actions are taken will assure safety and provide the greatest possible protection from adverse FAA action.


No diagnosis of psychosis, or bipolar disorder, or severe personality disorders. Applications for medical certification that are collected by FAA MedXPress are deleted after 60 days under the following circumstances:.

The applicant initiates an application for medical certification but does not submit a completed form. This system is covered by System of Records Notice: In general, FAA MedXPress aids the airman and medical examiners in providing current, consistent and valid information for FAA to make more informed certification decisions. Failure to report medical conditions on FAA medical applications has raised concerns for pilots, controllers, the Veterans Administration and others.

Pilot Medical Solutions provides guidelines to preserve FAA medical certification and encourage safe disclosure of information. Sessions automatically expire after a set period of time.

Trucking and Motorcoaches FRA: Develop the policies, practices, and procedures. Not disqualifying per se.

The privacy management team develops policy or policies, practices, and procedures to ensure compliance with fair information practices. This involves interviews with key individuals involved in the FAA MedXPress system to ensure that privacy risks are identified and documented.

FAA is responsible for: