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KSB – Chile es uno de los principales fabricantes mundiales de bombas y válvulas y también ofrece una amplia gama de Al catálogo de producto de KSB. KSB – Mexico es uno de los principales fabricantes mundiales de bombas y válvulas y también ofrece una amplia gama de Al catálogo de producto de KSB. Jul 14, Principles. This operating manual is supplied as an integral part of the type series and variants indicated on the front cover. The manual.

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Catalogo de bombas de deslocamento positivo – KSB

Of the two loading conditions theoretical values seems to be more related to simulation results of the force load. Application of pressure on the faces b. Maximum deflection obtained by impact force along splitter N, maximum deformation obtained by considering cataolgo load alone 0.

Etabloc comes into its own in situations where every centimetre counts: As Bombas de deslocamento positivo podem ser By continuing to browse the web site you consent to the use of cookies. Published on Jan View Download 0. Supporting its customers with a vast resource of knowledge and cataoogo, KSB offers a range of pumps and industrial valves to suit any requirements.

The bucket profile is uniform c. This is not corrosive and thus it is used mainly in constructing structures formed in water.


Catalogo General Bombas Centrifugas ETANORM KSB

Bombas de Desplazamiento Positivo Resumen Documents. Simulations were carried out for both loading conditions and results were theoretically verified by hand calculations. The pressure distributions at various nodes bombaz referred from experimental data and this pressure values are applied to the predefined nodes modelled on the bucket profile. The bucket geometry is analyzed by considering the force and also by considering the pressure exerted on different points of the bucket.

Jaes srl – KSB Products

Ensayo de bombas en ksb Documents. Ksb Sludge Pump Floodable, single-stage, single-entry close-coupled pump sets which are not self-priming. This aspect of the real situation is considered for the simulation in ANSYS by taking pressure distribution along the bucket profile.

The above observations are compared with the results theoretically obtained. Ksb Sludge Pump Applying material properties for first case Fig2 Meshing Fig3.

Catalogo de bombas de deslocamento positivo – KSB

The economical motors are integrated in the pump sets as standard. Amarex KRT and Sewatec waste water pumps.

F raw and digested sludge F activated sludge F circulated and heated sludge F Free-flow The variation may be due to the assumptions made during the theoretical calculations. KSB offers all-in solutions for waste water applications.

The theoretical calculations are done catapogo the assumption that the bucket is roughly in the form of a cantilever beam and then the equations for finding out the deflection acting in a cantilever beam is used to theoretically validate the results obtained by ANSYS. The temperature sensors present in these pumps protect the pump from high heat. The theoretically calculated value of deflection is 0.


This water impact provides necessary torque required for the rotation the runner by overcoming its inertia forces. KSB is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps and valves and also offers a comprehensive range of service activities. KRT S See type series cayalogo The ANSYS simulation of the bucket is done by considering the two cases of initial jet impact, first approach is by considering the first impact force along the splitter of the bucket and second approach is by taking the pressure distribution along the bucket profile.

This type of turbines converts potential energy of water at height into kinetic energy by allowing the water to fall freely on the pelton runner.

These pumps are used in various stone processing units, subways, hotels and other industrial sectors. The force of magnitude N is directed at an inclination to the splitter of the bucket as a result of which the bucket deforms, the deformation characteristics is studied using ANSYS software.