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The following study deals with “the whig interpretation of history” in what I conceive to be the accepted meaning of the phrase. At least it covers all that is. [All footnotes are editorial; relevant online materials: Butterfield Papers at the Cambridge University Library; E. Royle, The “Whig” Interpretation of History and its. His most widely known work is still The Whig Interpretation of History. saw the publication of the book Butterfield is most associated with. Less a book than.

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Open Preview See a Problem? But if that is all, historians and students of history alike are bound to end up banging their heads against that prohibitory glass wall.

The whig interpretation came at exactly the crucial moment and, whatever it may have done to our history, it had a wonderful effect on English politics Everyone interested in history should read this very short book.

I’m not an historian so I’m not sure I actually understood everything that the author discusses. Vickers considers the book a late example of the earliest stage of modern analysis of the history of Renaissance magic in relation to the development of science, when magic was largely dismissed as being “entertaining but irrelevant”.

Interesting, but majorly repetitive. He needed a new publication, and quickly.

Eliohs – Butterfield – The Whig Interpretation of History – Preface

Back to 11 According to J. I strongly agree with much of this, but I’m not sure the book starts out on the right track. We have imposed our own judgements and beliefs onto a society that existed hundreds of years ago.

TrevelyanLondon,p. Reading this book was like watching someone put five coats of high gloss paint on a rotten board. I began by thinking I would agree completely with him, in the middle thought I disagreed entirely, and by the end decided he is right about many things but is sti It is easy to see why this little book is such an influential text for historians. Back to 22 September Butterfield examines how this view of history not only does a great disservice to the advancement of human knowledge but serves only to bolster the self-important delusions of the modern age.


Mar 01, Christopher McCaffery rated it liked it.

Whig interpretation of history

The term Whig is actually a name originally used pejoratively inetrpretation refer to the British Whigs, who supported the power of Parliament, by their Tory opponents who were usual supporters of the King and the Aristocracy, in a long drawn out ideological contest principally played out in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Butterfield’s book Christianity and Historyasks if history provides answers to the meaning of life, answering in the negative: Sep 13, Jonathan rated it really liked it Shelves: Lives up to its reputation. In other words she is a harlot and a hireling, and for this reason she best serves those who suspect her most. From Buttercield, the free encyclopedia. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Quotes from The Whig Interpre Interpretatoin Study of the History of Historical Scholarship.

Man on His Past: He also wrote about how simple pick-and-choose history misses the point, “Very strange bridges are used to make the passage from one state of things to another; we may lose sight of them in our surveys of general history, but their discovery is the glory of historical research. His most widely known work is still The Whig Interpretation of History. Views Read Edit View history. At the same time, Butterfield’s early works emphasized the limits of a historian’s moral conclusions, “If history can do anything it is to remind us that all our judgments are merely relative to time and circumstance.


The Whig interpretation of history

The Art interpertation the Historian 6. At least it covers all that is ordinarily understood by the words, though unterpretation it gives them also an extended sense.

Butterfield also captures a very intriguing aspect of historical study in his comment that: She is at the service of good causes and bad. Man is explicable by nothing less than all his history.

Butterfield saw an alarming trend in histories being written at that time.

It is outside of the historical realm to impose what you believe is right or wrong into history. Retrieved from ” https: Influences Harold Temperley [1].

Beyond this, Butterfield highlights some of the more nuanced habits of the Whig historian: Though Whig historians are no longer in the ascendency, this is a good antidote for reading history as if it were a story that leads to your particular view of the present.

In addition, Butterfield considers how the historian should view the past from the perspective of the present, and the utility of the past for modern citizens. The examination of these raises problems concerning the relations between historical research and what is known as general history; concerning the nature of a historical transition and of what might be called the historical process; and also concerning the limits of history as a study, and particularly the attempt of the whig writers to gain from it a finality that it cannot give.

This is not to excuse their actions; indeed, we can say today that that was an evil thing.

Jul 26, Daniel Jones rated it really liked it Recommends it for: