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Les Mills Body Pump Bodypump 87 Instructor Kit: DVD, CD, Choreography Notes | Sporting Goods, Fitness, Running & Yoga, Fitness DVDs | eBay!. GMT bodypump 87 notes pdf – November 16th, – Tue 23 Oct 03 46 00 . GMT bodypump 89 choreography notes pdf bodypump After two long months of anticipation, BodyPump 87 finally made its debut at Biceps: Song is a little strange here but the choreography makes up for it. Oh, a quick note, more than tickets have been sold for the New.

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Les mills body pump 87 choreography notes – Google Docs

Les Mills programs are available in over 60 countries throughout the world. To find your nearest classes please use our class locator or visit one of our regional sites below. While we try our utmost to do things right the first time, every now and then, something will slip through.


The Rotating side hover was slightly altered in this release to that of the normal execution of this move. So instead of rotating all the way over so the body moves in one block – jotes shoulders and the hips, it is only the shoulders that rotate, with the hips not moving.

Refer to the DVD for correct execution of this move.

Get Pumped with Ryan

Here are the cues you should use: Keep the hip high and square to the front Rotate through the chest and shoulders Bodycombat 54 We have amended Track 8. Please find the updated version here.

We have updated some of the lyrics in the alternative track 2. You can download the updated version here. We have amended chhoreography 8. You download the updated version here. We have amended track 5.

We have updated some of choreograpuy lyrics in the cooldown track. Click here for the correct info. There are some errors in the choreo notes for Track 4 due to local printing. The music count in the bonus speed track is in multiples of 12, not the usual eight, so the choreo notes are correct.


choreo notes updates

Thanks to those who have made us aware of some errors in these choreography notes and you can download the corrected version here. The timing for each track was five seconds out in the notes. Due to a formatting problem, choreo notes in the United Kingdom were incomplete or had gaps.

You can download the complete version here. There was also bodypuump error in Track 7. Amendments will stay posted for six months after a release is first launched.

Bodyjam 62 We have amended track 5.