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Bebop to the Boolean Boogie. An Unconventional Guide to Electronics. Book • 3rd Edition • Authors: Clive Max Maxfield. Browse book content. About the . Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Maxfield, Clive, Bebop to the boolean boogie: an unconventional guide to electronics fundamentals. Bebop to the Boolean Boogie has 62 ratings and 3 reviews. Dominic said: It’s unconventional in that it manages to put good humor to learning electronics.

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Bebop to the Boolean Boogie meets the expectations set by both, because it leaps from topic to topic with the agility of a mountain goat, and it will become your key reference guide to understanding the weird and wonderful world of electronics.

A marketing consultancy, TechBites specializes in communicating the value of technical products and services to non -technical audiences through such mediums as websites, advertising, technical documents, brochures, collaterals, and multimedia. The system remains in this state until time T twhen an inquisitive passerby grabs hold of the brick and pulls it down, thereby increasing booleaj tension on the elastic.

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Molecules formed from atoms containing more than a few protons and electrons would be well nigh impossible to represent in this manner. Metals such as copper are very good conductors because the bonds in their amorphous Conducting source with excess electrons Conducting target depleted of electrons Figure The article was technically brilliant he paid me to say that and very infor- mative, but it was the short biography at the end of the piece that I enjoyed the most. Imagine a tank of water to which two pipes are connected at different heights; the water ejected from the pipes is caught in two buckets A and 3 Figure Lists with This Book.

The construction of integrated circuits is examined in some detail, followed by introductions to memory devices, programmable devices, and application-specific devices. Each subject is covered in a novel and thought-provoking way. Thank you for your feedback. Ties rated it it was amazing Sep 26, I say enjoyed the most because, as you will soon learn, Max does not necessarily follow the herd or dance to the same booie as the masses.


The resulting hydrogen molecule contains two protons and two electrons from its constituent atoms and so remains electrically balanced. However, the speed of a signal is modified by a variety of factors, including any materials surrounding or near the conductor.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Not only do you stand a chance of learning something from it, but ten years from now you will still remember it! Whether you”re an engineer, hobbyist, or student who needs a thorough and up-to-date electronics reference or bdbop nontechnical person who wants to understand more about this electron dance that has seemingly taken over the world, this book is the answer.

Aug 21, Troy rated it really liked it. The electrons used to form the bonds in crystalline structures such as silicon are tightly bound to their respective atoms. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, boogir the prior written permission of the publisher.

An individual electron will take a surprisingly long time to migrate from one end of the wire to the other; however, the time between an electron A substance that conducts electricity easily is called a conductor. Clive Maxfield Snippet view – Pulling the brick down takes some time, and the brick reaches its lowest point at boolean T 2.

This entertaining and readable book provides a solid, comprehensive introduction to contemporary electronics. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Saigol rated it did not like it Aug 26, Trivia About Bebop to the Bool Unfortunately for oxygen, its second shell would ideally prefer eight electrons to fill it.

Bebop to the Boolean Boogie: An Unconventional Guide to Electronics (with CD-ROM)

Now sit up and pay attention because this bit is important. Electrons flowing through a copper wire Conductors and Insulators m 13 entering one end of the wire and causing an equivalent electron to be ejected from the other end is extremely fast. We then proceed rapidly through atomic theory and semiconductor switches to primitive logic functions and their electronic implementations.


Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Quotes from Bebop to the Bool From reviews of the first edition: The Elements of Computing Systems: Rebecca rated it it was amazing Nov 10, The electrons are passing backwards and forwards between the atoms so quickly that each atom is fooled into believing it has two electrons.

Personally, I think that the title of this tome alone hmmm, a movie? The discussion continues with hybrids, printed circuit boards, and multichip modules.

Bebop to the Boolean Boogie, 3rd Edition – O’Reilly Media

Similarly, the oxygen atom lends two electrons one to each hydrogen atom and at the same time borrows two electrons one from each hydrogen atom. About boo,ean Book Note from the author with regard to this second edition. The publisher offers special discounts on bulk orders of this book.

And it’s not just improvements to existing technologies, because over the last few years entirely new ideas like carbon nanotubes have made their appearance on the scene. We gebop with an overview of some alternative and future technologies along with a history of where every- thing came from.

Bebop to the Boolean Boogie, 3rd Edition

Frederick Best rated it really liked it Jun 24, Collieboy89 rated it really liked it Oct 31, Published December 26th by Newnes first published March Alternative representation of a hydrogen molecule representation is therefore employed, with two dashed lines indicating the sharing of two electrons Figure If the brick is left to its own devices, it will eventually reach a stable state in which the pull Nearest Platform Step 4 Step 3 Step 2 Step 1 Ground of gravity is balanced by the tension in the elastic Figure The exhaustive glossary is almost worth the price of the book by itself.

Mkfs rated it liked it Aug 08, Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Maxfield writes lucidly on a variety of complex topics without “writing down” to his audience.