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Clouds (Focus Classical Library series) by Aristophanes. Read online, or download in secure PDF or secure Clouds. by Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson. Jeffrey Henderson, noted Greek scholar, has translated into English one of Aristophanes’ greatest comedies. Offered with detailed notes and an enlightening . Jeffrey Henderson has 26 books on Goodreads with ratings. Three Plays by Aristophanes: Lysistrata/Women at the Thesmophoria/Assemblywomen by.

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While Meineck’s recent volume Aristophanes Iincluding Birds is very British, Henderson translates the text into “contemporary American verse”, both for the reader and also for the producer “speakability being the principal stylistic criterion” [10].

In this henderaon Loeb Classical Library edition of Aristophanes, Jeffrey Henderson presents a freshly edited Greek text and a lively, unexpurgated translation with full explanatory notes. The second volume is devoted to Clouds, Waspsand Peacein that order, although the Clouds that we have is the incomplete revision of c.

Rosen Translator xristophanes liked it 4.

At”Potter’s Field” is a nice try for Kerameikos, but the overtones of Judas Iscariot perhaps intrude too much. In Peace, a rollicking attack on war-makers, the farmer-hero makes his famous trip to heaven on a dung beetle to discuss the issues with Zeus. There was Chaos at first, and Darkness and Night, and Tartarus vasty and dismal, But the Earth was not there, nor the Sky, nor the Air, till at length in the bosom abysmal, and recent translators have fallen short of that standard.

Understanding Leadership in Complex Systems: As for “speakability”, only the acid test of a production can answer that question. Three Plays by Aristophanes: He wrote at least forty plays, of which eleven have survived complete. Storey, Trent University istorey trentu.

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Smyth’s Aeschylus was perhaps the best of the lot, but Hendegson EuripidesStarr’s Sophoclesand Rogers’ Aristophanes all could not be recommended for general use. In the agon he does employ longer lines, but the translation, especially of the early exchanges, doesn’t catch the grandiose paratragedy of the Greek text.

Books by Jeffrey Henderson (Author of Three Plays by Aristophanes)

Loebs cannot be commentaries, of course, but with an author like Aristophanes the reader must be guided with jevfrey of explanation and identification.

Harvard University Press, Jeffrey Henderson Editor. Acharnians by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson translator 3. The Globalisation of High Technology Production: Want to Read saving… Error rating book.

For readability this is an excellent version of Birds and one which I shall use when I teach Birds as a single text. The introduction to Peace is the best of the three and firmly places the comedy within its historical setting. Fragments by AristophanesJeffrey Henderson translator 4.

Comedy, unlike most other ancient genres, will be translated differently depending on the geographic location of the translator and his audience. An out-dated and an unscientific Greek text, coupled with archaic translations that aristophhanes the ancient playwrights speak with the voice of Victorian English, made these volumes impossible to use for both student and senior scholar.

Clouds. Wasps. Peace

Syrus Goodreads Author. I especially enjoyed his rendering of physato pappous as “sprout some forefeathers” — I wish I’d said that, but then again I expect I shall.

But in the boundless bosom of Erebus At xouthos hippalektryonusually “tawny horsecock”, is translated provocatively as “zooming horsecock” — see Dunbar on Birds for this meaning of xouthos — but see also Taillardat’s Les Images d’ Aristophane visual explanation of the joke as applied to a military official. Join Our Mailing List: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


This gave me pause to consider the differences between Dionysia-plays and Lenaia-plays, especially the presence of the mechane.

Clouds by Aristophanes (ebook)

Henderson has done a very great service in bringing both the the text and the antique translations of Rogers up to date. I looked also at the memorable trochaic songs of personal abuse,which should also linger in the memory. Henderson’s version is more unstructured and packs less of a punch: Since Lysistrata does not use the mechaneit should be, as is often thought, a Lenaia-play, and since Thesmophoriazousai does, its production at the Dionysia would be confirmed.

Jeffrey Henderson, who may fairly be considered the leading Aristophanic scholar in North America, has now filled the gap admirably, and has provided us with both a useful text and idiomatic, if prosaic, translation. The Loeb, as one would expect, is heavy on accuracy and a prosaic rendering. The note to could have been expanded to refer the reader to the scanty grain-doles mentioned at Wasps To conclude, this is a clear, accurate and certainly clever translation of Birdswith a sensible introduction and very good bibliography.

Books by Jeffrey Henderson

This is very much a North American translation, as against Meinecke which has been criticised by some for its Anglicisms, and for the most part it gives the reader quite an accurate rendering of the Greek original. Henderson’s newest entry certainly lives up to the standard which he has set in the earlier volumes.

Terje A Tonsberg. There is a rhythm of sorts and the alliteration in the second line will effect a nice delivery. Peace Aristophanes Edited and translated by Jeffrey Henderson.