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II mistero dei Doqon e Sirio B. First we find the amphibious races of Sauroids. Vishnu This is the first Creator, known by this name. Subscribe for more videos: As the Supreme Principle of the mqlanga, Brahma resides in the heart, the vital centre malanha man.

Archetipi, simboli e talismani: There was no fish alien. However, this is not the place to dwell on this connection, which is quite extraordinary in the similarity of detail.

Who would have thought it?

The impiety of the Archon irritates the Pistis who unseen said: The first real aspect is maanga to evolution. The horse is just the outer face that determines the power and the determination, as well as loyalty to his master.

Noah should be saved by the Archons PM because the containers of souls must be saved but they have to remain stupid, so the soul cannot board the ark for the moment. When he said this, he sinned against the immortals, but they accepted his words and they kept them in mind i.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are four calamities that have to happen before the end of mankind. The story continues with the descendent of Eleleth, the symbol of wisdom that helped to free Norea from the Archons. The next avatar is Kurman, the turtle, which symbolises the passage from aquatic to terrestrial existence.

This may be the reason why these treaties were excluded from consideration by our Catholic Church as well as from the world of Judaism and Islam, which are all extremely sexist.

Corrado Malanga – Archetipi della creazione e Triade Color

Shiva is also symbolized by a crescent moon and we always find the alien Horus accompanied by Arab military uniforms which have a crescent moon and the OM symbol as well on their uniform, as does the alien Growl sometimes a fake body containing a real incorporeal alien which derives from the Second Creator. My Cartoon Video Watch the videos of your favorite Cartoons. So the Prime Man or Oannes or Vishnu in his first incarnation if you prefer, wants to destroy mankind on the one hand, but on the other hand cannot afford the luxury of destroying all the soul containers.


The primordial sound is the Divine Utterance by which, according to the first chapter of Genesis, all things were made.

Therefore, on the one hand Matsya the fish evokes the flood, on the other hand he tries to save some humans: Once again it is impressive to what extent the world of abductions recalls the Gods of ancient Arab-Aryan mythology. A return to the roots In the previous article, we connected creation symbolism as described to us by abductees, starting from the consciousness that created the two creators and so on.

Do you want me to be your God too? Ortiz de Montellano B.

Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

And you did not know my mother; instead it was your female counterpart that you knew. The first aspect is the easiest to demonstrate and is connected to the single root behind the birth of our myths.

Regardless of whether aliens are present or not, there is just one final lesson derived from this research: God is represented with skin black as night, to symbolize the inscrutability of the divine and we have already compared the figure of the Jewish Christ with the true Krishna at length. His voice and language were human and articulated.

After creating the prerequisites to create the rest, Brahman creates its first two creatures who we call the two creators: Furthermore, according to some versions of the myth, Kalki will face the twin demons Koka and Vikoka, similar to Gog archhetipi Magog in the book of Revelation In this sense, the first creation has to incarnate and manifest as a fish.

As Norea is the soul part of the first creator, Zoe represents the soul archetjpi of the second creator, which missed out on some certain experiences and is instructed by Pistis Sophia on what happened. The only thing that changes is the interpretation our mind provides us with, depending on the different prerequisites within each of us.

Kalkin is connected to the myth of the horse, but this also recalls the Jewish Apocalypse.


Corrado Malanga – Archetipi della creazione e Triade Color Test Dynamic Flash

The deeds of Rama and the characters of Ramayana, so dear to the Hindu hearts, constitute one of the privileged themes of folk iconography. The shining immortal man is the man with a soul from this and other planets, since soul manifested in these; in the bodies they built themselves to use them in this sense as a container.

All this is clearly connected with some of the most profound mysteries of cosmology. Literature about the fish man 1. We asked the soul to tell us how the Universe is built and thanks to these conversations we have traced the path of history as well, we fully understood the meaning of the ancient myths and we found within them the unmistakable trace of the aliens, demons and Gods which used us for their own aims, making us believe that they were our masters.

Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig go to the playground. But oddly enough, these entities did not emerge during our work with regressive hypnosis. The mallanga souls of Pistis Sophia As we know, there are two sources for the soul: PM will be forced to descend and will lose his immortality. And in fact, after the mythological fish man come his creatures, other indirect incarnations of Vishnu which are nothing but our aliens. Therefore, if we investigate these three aspects of the Trimurtimore more thoroughly, we risk making an error of interpretation.

He has a waxing moon on his forehead, which represents the moon on the fifth day panchamia jewel that was made when the Ocean of Milk the Milky Way, Ed.

Furthermore in Shaivism, one of the two main devotional monotheistic religions of the malangaa world the other is Vaisnavism, monotheism of Vishnu Shiva is also the Put simply, the equivalent of people who worship Shiva in the Catholic religion would be devil worshippers, since the term Destroyer has a completely different meaning.