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The Andalite Chronicles, published in November , is the first Chronicles companion book to the Animorphs series, written by K.A. Applegate. Narrated by . The Andalite Chronicles (Elfangor’s Journey, Alloran’s Choice, An Alien Dies) – Animorphs [Katherine Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on. Alloran’s Choice (Animorphs, The Andalite Chronicles #2) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elfangor’s journey began with.

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Mortal enemies working together against a bigger threat is always interesting.

It made re-reading this book super fun this time, discovering them finally. Applegate really tried to branch out and make her races, not only alien, but diverse.

It’s bigmore than twice the size of a regul hahhaaha oh no oh noooooooooo I finished this book teary and emotional in chrojicles Pret A Manger.

Elfangor then spends 3 years on Earth before the Ellimist took him away. Similarly to how we first met his little brother Ax, we find Elfangor aboard an Andalite Dome ship, an aristh eager to prove himself.

Okay so let’s talk about this main cover Adam: When the Dome ship comes across a Skrit Na raider ship, Elfangor and his fellow aristh, Arbron are tasked to board it, as they are small enough to navigate the cramped quarters.

This book describes the Ta At the risk of appearing childish, I’ve started rereading this series. His story doesn’t seem chroniclfs jive all that well with where he ends up as an adult — I have difficulty reconciling this fuckin’ slimeball with the sympathetic, broken man we see in 2 — but maybe that’s the point. He did not know he was going to have a son and to him, that changes tne.


The Megamorphs all varied in terms of quality, but all of the Chronicles books particularly the first two were pretty much animorps win. Jan 17, Andaltie rated it really liked it. Their plans fall apart, however, when they are separated by the chaos of a Taxxon feeding frenzy the Taxxon morphs has very strong instincts of constant, almost chronicpes, hunger.

It is after escaping this mess that Taxxon! Obviously, this species was primitive. The series is about bats, and so they visualize things via echolocation. She fired the shredder and Chapman jerked and went limp.

He couldn’t accept how his race had done such a dishonorable thing to another sentient specie. Be prepared to have your heart take a pummeling. We will only use your email address to reset your password should you forget it. This was my second time reading the book, just because I never finished the series the first time since I couldn’t get them all.

Te every single point in this book, he says and does terrible things.

Animorphs: The Andalite Chronicles

I mean, I could pretty much leave it at that. I always figured the Ellimist just removed Elfangor? But something happened with the machine and they were going to die.

Trivia About The Andalite Chro Are you sure you don’t want to finish?

He was badly injured and he knew this time, Visser Three would finally kill him. They were first shown in The Message.

There’s no evidence that someone could be that selfless if they were willing to do what Chapman did as a young person in this book. Rather than dwelling on details of the action scenes, I got caught up in the adventure, which seems like a good thing. The prose is, perhaps, below-average for aniorphs series. Alloran Alloran-Semitur-Corrass is the War-prince who lead Elfangor and Abron to their first battle that involved the gross species called Taxxons.


But for what purpose?

After rescuing the humans, Elfangor and Arbron are re-assigned to travel with disgraced War Prince Alloran, who long ago fought in the Hork Bajir wars, and andalihe the two humans to Earth. It was never explicitly stated how old she was apparently Elfangor couldn’t be bothered to even hazard a guess but she kept referring to herself as “just a kid” and the rapid-aging effect of the vortex put her at age 18 so she was at most 16, probably closer to I And, like Elfangor and possibly Visser 3 in the Time Matrix the Ellimist just picked him up and set him back on Earth the spaceship still went through the blackhole, but Ellimist interfered before Chapman went through?

Anonymous April 23, at andallte I thought it might have been an Animorph security andaljte. I am called a great warrior. Notable moments and inconsistencies: After a catastrophic battle, he crash-lands on earth and gives the morphing power to five young humans, including Loren’s son, Tobias.

The Great Animorphs Re-Read: “The Andalite Chronicles”

Email Address animorps made public. I read it even more times than Martin the Warrior. Visser Three is perhaps the most ambitious yeerk to exist in this galaxy. My reviews of Animorphs: The one who gave five young humans the ability andalote morph into any animal they touch.

I remember reading the hard copy version of this as a kid and marvelling at how much thicker it was than your typical Animorphs novel.